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Storage Units Heavily Damaged In Fire

MANASSAS,Va. (WUSA) - Customers of a Manassas storage facility are counting up their losses.

About 80 storage units were heavily damaged or destroyed after flames broke out late Sunday night at the Stor-All facility on Sudley Road.

Fire crews are still out p the scene Monday trying to get through the debris.
They've been here since the fire broke out late last night
There are multiple buildings but the fire was in only one building that had 85 units in it.

They say not all the units have walls that go all the way up to the ceiling, so those gaps allowed the fire to jump from unit to unit causing substantial damage. No cause has been identified yet.

See Preeti Arla's video above for a full report.

Design Army Launches Aquatic Couture

Design Army Launches Aquatic Couture

With the help of Design Army’s creative genius, Karla Colletto's Cruise 2013 Swim Collection creates a splash

With a crew of 20+, Design Army literally went underwater to direct the filming of the featurette for the Cruise 2013 Swim Collection by Karla Colletto, taking branding to a new level and unleashing the cruise control for a swimwear line that has seen international growth over the past seven years.

"It's about building relationships with our clients," says Pum Lefebure, Design Army's co-owner and creative director. "We're always thinking ahead, how we can elevate our clients up to the next level. We create partnerships and think for our clients when it comes to branding."

Seller's Market In Vienna Real Estate

Seller's Market In Vienna Real Estate


What’s happening this week in the Vienna & Oakton real estate markets?

As Sargent Friday used to say “Just the facts ma’am!


Person Struck, Killed By VRE Train

MANASSAS, Va. (WUSA) - A person was hit and killed on Wednesday afternoon by a VRE train, according to Fairfax County Police. The collision took place near Fairfax County Parkway and Fairfax Station Rd.

VRE's Twitter feed says that buses are being sent to transport passengers from the stranded train.

VRE officials have said that the person was on the tracks between the Manassas Park and Burke Centre stations and was struck by the train.

The collision happened near the intersection of the Fairfax County Parkway and Fairfax Station Road.

VRE's website reports that Trains # 331 and 335 have been canceled, and evening trains, including Trains 327, 329, 333 and 337, will take passengers to Burke, where they will be met by buses to continue the commute.

Home Energy Assistance Application Period Opens October 9

Home Energy Assistance Application Period Opens October 9

The application period for Virginia residents seeking financial assistance for the 2012-2013 heating season through the Virginia Energy Assistance program opens on October 9 and continues through November 9, 2012. The Virginia Department of Social Services administers the federally-funded Low-Income Home Energy Assistance program through the Virginia Energy Assistance program. Eligible consumers can make applications at their local Department of Social Services office.

“We are encouraging consumers to take advantage of this energy assistance application period so they can be helped later this winter,” said Carl W. Levander, president of Columbia Gas of Virginia. “In addition, we urge any of our customers who are facing difficulty in making payments to contact us early as possible, so that we can direct them to payment options, our WarmWise energy efficiency program and other assistance resources.”

5 Things A Bully Doesn’t Want You to Know

5 Things A Bully Doesn’t Want You to Know

As the sound of school bells ringing signals that school is back in session for the year, it also means that students and parents will face some common issues. It is estimated, each day in America, that 160,000 students stay home from school in order to avoid being bullied, so it makes a lot of people wonder what goes on in the mind of a bully. Judging by the research regarding who bullies, it would stand to reason that it’s quite a bit.

“We tend to look at the situation of bullying, and not so much at the bully him- or herself,” explains Peter J. Goodman, author of the book “We’re All Different But We’re All Kitty Cats.” “But if we had a chance to peek into the mind of the bully, we might be surprised at some of the things we would learn.”

There are some things that bullies don’t want people to know, including:

POLICE: Two Aressted In Marijuana Investigation In Va.

MANASSAS (WUSA) - On Thursday night, Manassas City Police say they detected possible illegal drug activities while on foot patrol on the 9700 block of Aspen Place in Va.

Officials say they conducted an investigation where they found several ounces of marijuana, a scale, a handgun, ammunition and other evidence. This investigation led to the arrests of 23-year-old Cameron Donte Broady of 9703 Aspen Place who was charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana, and 42-year-old Diane Skipper also of 9703 Aspen Place, according to police.

Police say the two suspects have been released pending a November 8 court date.

Police are asking for your help in solving this case. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Manassas City Police Department Investigative Services Division and the Manassas/Manassas Park Crime Solvers anonymous tip line.