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Woodbridge and Dumfries Laundromat to Hold Food Drive | Community Spirit

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Woodbridge and Dumfries Laundromat to Hold Food Drive

From Woodbridge and Dumfries Laundromat:

Woodbridge and Dumfries Laundromat to hold a food drive “Cans for Quarters” to benefit Dumfries Acts Food Bank. Dumfries Acts Food Bank recently had to recently close its doors due to the overwhelming demand from the recent area flooding. The food bank is expecting to be closed until November 1. During this time, the Woodbridge and Dumfries Laundromat want to help restock their empty shelves by offering the opportunity to their customers to participate in the food drive in return for free wash or dry time.

Details- Bring in one can of nonperishable food for $0.25 toward wash or dryer time up to 4 cans Bring one full grocery bag of nonperishable cans for a free wash and dry up to 30 lb load of Laundry.

We, Dumfries and Woodbridge Laundromat, a family owned business have seen the devastating effects of hunger in our community and we feel this is a great opportunity to give back to our neighbors. Our goal is to fill 4 commercial size laundry carts in hopes a local grocery store will match our donations.

We are challenging the community and community businesses to rise to the challenge of reopening the Acts Food Bank before November 1, so families in the area do not go hungry.

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